Oh I wish I were a ski bum…

25 02 2007

This past weekend was our church’s annual retreat at Covenant Point….For the past three years, we’ve been told that we should go up a day early-on Thursday-and ski at Ski Brule on Friday… so finally we did.

It was my first time skiing since 4th grade (except for a half-hour of “skiing” down a bunny hill in Canada 11 years ago)… I was very afraid–of falling, of breaking my leg, of making a fool of myself, etc. I did not fall, I did not break my leg, I may have made a fool of myself, but had a blast in the process! I was shocked at how much I loved it. I mean I loved it!!! It’s my kind of sport–you take a ride on a ski lift, get to have a blast going down the slopes, then catch your breath riding up the ski lift again. I’m hooked.

So now I’m dreaming of buying skis and ski equipment on Craig’s List, of skiing more often next winter (and maybe even this one), and of just having more fun on the slopes.

In the meantime, here’s a link to a photo (taken by Ulla Swanson):

Skiing at Brule




One response

26 02 2007
chicken herd theologian

hey, a fellow covenanter! just found your blog while scrolling through a church tag. i was at NPC (I guess NPU now) from ’90-’93, but took the seminary route through fuller. blessings as you proceed with adopting your first child. our new pastor (also NP Sem alum) and his wife adopted a little girl from China who is now 2 — the cutest little thing ever who enjoys telling everyone she’s a princess.

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