setbacks, or just the way it is, no baby…

4 03 2007

Setbacks. That’s how I feel about this past week. Not that anything horrible happened–it didn’t. In fact it was a fine week, mostly. But it was a sad week as I thought a lot about how long we still have to wait for our child. And how much I still want a baby.

Friends of ours received word last week that they’re traveling to Africa to pick up two children. I am so happy for them. Truly. They’ve been through the ringer, too. But they began their process after we did, and here we are, still waiting.. for one.

Then I noticed on my calendar this week that at the end of March we have our dentist appointments. And I remembered that almost 6 months ago, at our last appointment, when I made the upcoming appointment, I actually said to the receptionist, “There’s a good chance we’ll be in China, then.. so if that’s the case, I’ll just call you and reschedule.” So back in September we still thought we’d be traveling to China in March ’07. But no. Maybe not until October or November ’07.

How long, God? How long… really? If it’s not going to be until Christmas, or later, could you just let me know now, so I can stop wasting hope?

I’m going to watch some mindless TV.




One response

15 03 2007

So here i am trying to study and start the blogging escapade:
but i’m feeling you……in a different way, but i really do wish sometimes that God would just send me an email…….

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