Wanted: Magic Diagnosis

20 03 2007

Tomorrow I go to Meriter Hospital for a Nap Study. To be technologically correct, it is a Multiple Latency Sleep Test, a test used to diagnose narcolepsy–or no narcolepsy. I went through the test 9 years ago–along with the overnight sleep test (bad night of sleep!)… and I “failed” the test. Meaning I did not nap when I was hooked up to the machines, but I fell asleep all day when I wasn’t hooked up. My New Jersey sleep doctor was still convinced that I had narcolepsy, put me on meds, prescribed daily naps which I basically ignored (naps, not the meds)… and I got better.

I went off those meds in 2002 when we started trying to get pregnant. I have managed fine–with occasional need for a nap–until recently. So I returned to a sleep doctor. Who doesn’t think I have narcolepsy. Apparently I don’t have all the symptoms, I’m not a normal case, etc. If this is the case, there’s good news and bad news.

Good: I don’t have narcolepsy.

Bad: I have something. If it’s not narcolepsy, what is it? Have I been mis-diagnosed for 9 years?

So, even though my new sleep doctor believes I do not have narcolepsy, I still get to go through this nap study tomorrow… fun. Or not.

What I really want? A magic diagnosis… I’d like them to say to me tomorrow, “you don’t have narcolepsy.. you have ____ and it’s so incredibly simple to resolve, and by resolving it we’ll also get rid of your fibromyalgia, infertility, excessive daytime sleepiness, and any other problems you may occasionally experience.”

Dream on, Cat. That isn’t likely. I can hope, but what I’m anticipating instead is more tests, doctors, trying this and that… oh, how I dislike diagnosing.

So, nap study here I come. Like it or not.




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