When napping is no fun

21 03 2007

I completed the nap study. I was supposed to take 5 naps while being monitored….and maybe watched, too, I’m not sure. But I only slept for parts of three naps, I think. Not sure. The super-nice-and-funny tech couldn’t tell me the results, but I knew I didn’t sleep too much.

The odd thing is that yesterday, when I was going to try to not take a nap, I was so sleepy I took four naps. Today, when 14 electrodes were sticking out of my head and attached to a heavy box I had to carry around with me when I wasn’t “napping”, I was quite awake. Go figure.

And so it continues. “It” being the search for what is wrong, why Cathy is so dang sleepy when she’s not being tested for sleepiness. I meet with the sleep doctor (to discuss results) in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see what she has to say then… and if “it” is not narcolepsy and a simple medication isn’t an option, then we’ll figure that out then, I hope.

Cargo Latte

Besides the annoying electrodes, heavy box, adhesive in my hair, and little sleep today… the worst part of this nap study was no caffeine allowed today until afterwards! Those who know me well, know that I’m addicted to caffeine. So yesterday I weathered a horrible headache while trying to take myself off for a day. But yay! Around 4:45 pm today, Jim drove me through Cargo Coffee drive-thru, and I got a latte!! Fantastic, big, much-needed latte. Tomorrow I can continue my caffeine habit!



One response

3 04 2007

they must have made this cargo CAWFEE drive-thru just for you cath…i tell ya – you are just such a lucky girl. i didn’t know all these medical things were going on for you…my prayer is that you find peace in Him until you are healed. i know it’s hard, i know.

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