It’s that time again.

24 03 2007

No, not spring. Though it certainly is time for Spring. It’s time to write a sermon again. It happens often. After all, I am a pastor. I feel as though I have a better grasp on the text than I sometimes do–thanks to the Wednesday night Lenten study where we discussed John 12:1-8. And on one hand I’m eager to get started…. But it’s the kind of day where I want to stay in bed and veg out. Completely. Watch my taped “Greys Anatomy”, watch all kinds of TLC episodes, read one of the 7 books I want to read… scrapbook…clean my house which is screaming to be cleaned. But I need to write.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to write. I even love to write sermons. But they also continue to instill fear… the public nature, the people nodding off in the pews, the fact that anybody sitting in the pew can critique this aspect of my job that I work so hard on…. and this is a bit disconcerting.

But what’s most disconcerting to me is that it’s God’s Word. It’s God’s Word I’m supposed to present and apply to daily life, and keep people engaged in, and enable people to transform their lives, etc. It’s God’s Word that I, sinful-messed-up-often-angry-at-God Cathy am supposed to preach… It’s God’s Word, and I don’t want to mess it up. That instills fear.

On a more mundane level, there’s the fact that our printers aren’t working.. neither the one at home, nor the one at church. Given my last-minute-sermon-editing-routine.. (printing the final copy minutes before church begins), this translates into something else fearful: I have to finish my last edit before Staples closes tonight! Ha.. That should be fun.

So.. it’s that time.. and instead of writing about how this is what’s ahead for this gloomy foggy Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin… maybe I should get started.

Here I go…



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