I have a home in Africa…

31 03 2007

My parents and little sister leave for Rwanda next week. They’re volunteer missionaries for American Baptist Missions. They’re excited, and I am thrilled for them to be returning to Africa. And I’m jealous.. I want to go back to Africa. I’ve never been to Rwanda, but having been born in Zaire (aka the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Belgian Congo..) I have always felt a tug to return. As much as I love all travel, and going anywhere overseas, I have been quite emotional about my parents’ trip to Rwanda. Rwanda is not the Congo, and my parents are not going to the Congo, but Rwanda is a neighboring country. Rwanda is in Africa.

Cathy walking to churchI simply want to go home. Yes, I am at home in Madison, Wisconsin.. in Vermont… in Thailand… in South/Central American countries.. in Europe… My family’s itinerant background helped me to be comfortable in many countries, something I am grateful for.

But I still dream of one day going “home”, to Africa. I don’t necessarily want to move there, live there… (I’m happy in Madison) but I want to visit where I was born, where I spent the first 7 years of my life, where I played with snakes and bugs and monkeys and ate bugs and dirt and got malaria.. and where I made friends in the villages, and where, as pictured in my parents’ slide (above), I went to village churches…

Someday… in the meantime, I look forward to hearing about my family’s experiences in Rwanda.




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