from the roof

2 04 2007

roof-top view of the dogs

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

Ok, so after I said I was going horizontal again because i was sick, the insurance guy was here determining if we need a new roof (which we do). So I wanted to see how many marks he made on the roof. I got up on the roof (via a ladder-I don’t have super powers), and the dogs were wondering what in the world I was doing up there. They were so cute..

oh, and by the way, this is a test for posting a photo from my flickr site…




3 responses

3 04 2007

Oh my, I can’t believe you went on the roof, dah, what was I thinking, of course you would check it out. That’s the Cathy I know and love. So, did he leave any marks?

3 04 2007

it’s me cb…just got off the phone with the above and she told me about your new blog site and your roofing adventure. i was in disbelief….NOT! but i totally agree with her when she exclaims “that’s the cathy she knows and loves”. anywho – pc i miss you and pj and yes the abster too!!! you truly are a wac-a-doo and yes i still love you just bcuz you are “YOU”.
peace in, as always, cb

3 04 2007

I miss you guys, too!!
Peace IN..

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