Product Placement

8 04 2007

Last night Jo Ann and I dyed 14 eggs.. Tie dye… cool. Except that when I was pouring the pink/red dye out on the tray, I was also paying attention to something else-probably the dogs. And I spilt a lot of dye on my hands.. thus, the first picture, with the pink hands.. but notice the awesome eggs!


Then, after our egg-dyeing was over, we decided that my fingers/hands were too pink for Easter Sunday at church, though they might match Easter colors, they didn’t match my outfit, at least!

So Jo Ann looked up on the internet how to remove egg dye from hands… and we got the following suggestions… anti-bacterial soap (nope), eye make up remover (nope), dish soap (nope), window cleaner (a little), SHOUT (nope), and I thought I’d try Simple Green (nope), and Krud Kutter (nope)… then finally, the last internet suggestion: a little bleach in water–soaking my hands in it… (yep! finally…).

Was it the bleach? (probably) or the cumulative effect of several products? Hard to tell. But something did the trick, so I was happy! No pink hands for Easter Sunday. Yay. Very happy. 100_4336product.jpg




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