Friday morning catch-up

13 04 2007

Thank you to those who “voted” for a favorite photo. It was fun and interesting to see who liked what! I think the only photo that received two “votes” was Abby and Entropy sticking their heads out the car window…

This Sunday we’re going to a Lost and Found Concert! At least we’re hoping… (see previous post about the concert that wasn’t.) Yay.. I’m so excited. I need some good Lost and Found humor about now. It’s even more fun that we’re once again bringing others from church with us… and add to that the fact that Michael (one of the band members) and Troy (their publicity guy) have been in contact with us… this is the makings of a good weekend. I hope.

Adoption news… still further delays. Nobody knows even how to guess when it will be for those of us with LID’s January 12, 2006. But in this last batch of referrals that came from China (for those whose Dossiers were LID late October, 2005), one couple expected a 0-24 month old, and instead got a referral for a four-and-a-half year old. What to do? Not sure. The couple’s in shock, as we would be, too. This referral sparked much discussion on the online forums about what we would do, how difficult that would be, how frustrating this entire wait is, etc.. Yes, it is. How frustrating, how completely-out-of-our-control, and how tired we are of hearing “don’t worry… God has the perfect child in mind for you, and it will all be worth it.” I hope that’s true, but don’t have much faith in that at this point.

It snowed this week. I love snow, but didn’t want it in April. Regardless, it was beautiful, and made for some fun photographs. And the dogs seemed to be happy. They’re so playful and cute in the snow.

Last night at our Movie Small Group at church, we watched The Station Agent. This movie is now on my list of top movies. (It takes place in New Jersey, which of course we love..) An independent film about lonely people, and how community is needed, though not always welcomed or provided in the necessary manners. I loved the realistic nature of this movie, how people click and sometimes don’t click.. how life is a challenging mixture of laughter, tears, fun and just being.. Sounds cliche, but that mixture is well done in this film. I don’t know that I’ve thought, before, about having a list of “all time favorite movie characters”. But now I do… and Joe, from this movie, is on that list.

Easter Sunday was fun… for photos, look at my flickr site… (or follow the links to the right).

Hasta Luego… time to go catch-up on church stuff…..




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