Lost and Found… finally

17 04 2007

lf.jpgYay. On Sunday, we finally saw Lost and Found again. 16 of us went to the concert–pictured above, with Michael and George, the band–and I think most liked it. A bit loud for some, a bit quirky, not everyone’s style. But my style! And I needed a Lost and Found fix.

On Saturday Jim and I made Lost and Found fans. lf4.jpgYes, we are Lost and Found fans. But we also made some. (for the whole group) We wanted to do something creative for the concert, something memorable…. so we made the fans, and I think Michael and George were impressed. At least they pretended to be, which was nice of them.

Michael and George have a unique way of making me laugh, lf2.jpgand cheering me up, even when things are not so cheery all the time. So thanks, Michael and George… for reminding me of God’s grace, love, humor, and faithfulness.




2 responses

18 04 2007
Jen D

glad you finally got your fix =)

19 04 2007

Did they remember AH Jim?
they are something else or was it something
I am glad you were able to finally see them
how far did you have to drive this time?

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