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26 04 2007

Life’s been a bit crazy.

First, we seriously considered adopting a baby…a daughter of a friend.. after many phone calls to insurance, doctors, birth family, adoption agency, social workers…we decided we couldn’t adopt this baby. It was hard, it was an emotional week.. but in the end, the birth mother kept the baby, and we are thrilled about that. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing how this little girl grows up.

China adoption continues to plod along. At least we hope it does. We’re re-doing some paperwork that has expired, thanks to China’s slow-down… the I-600A, doctor’s letters, assets and liabilities, police record letter, background checks, and homestudy update… woo hoo.. not fun, actually. Pretty darn frustrating.

Dave H. was at our house fixing our downstairs shower (yeah) and putting two closets upstairs (double yeah). It’s so nice. Can’t wait to start using them. One of them is a closet for kids clothes. I especially can’t wait to use that one.

I’ve been a home-wrecker. In the past few days, wrens tried to build a nest–several times–on our deck light. Several times because I kept taking their nest down. Carefully. Then robins built two nests over our side door. Two, because I took the first one down, then the second one. I’m not against birds. In fact I was quite sad to be a home-wrecker, and am hoping that these pairs of birds found safer places to build.

The dogs are wonderful. We love them. They continue to bring us jimanddogs.jpg

infinite amounts of joy and laughter. I love this picture of Jim and the dogs. Aww…

This weekend we’re in Glen Ellyn, IL, for the Central Conference Ministerium. Tonight during worship we heard testimonies from ordination candidates. That’s my favorite part of the weekend, hearing the stories. Well, I also love hanging out with friends, and meeting new friends. Before worship I went to dinner with “Blue Man Group and Woman”. Steve, Andy, Lyle, and I (all from the Badger District) went to the Olive Garden… and we were all wearing blue! Check out Steve’s blog for a picture. (We could have been slide girls, for you Lost & Found fans!)

It seems as though every night these past two weeks we have been doing all sorts of work…I’m looking forward to a dull week… someday. Certainly not this next week!




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