The agnostic fish car

16 05 2007

I wish I’d had my camera this morning. If I had, you’d have a photo, with the license plate smudged out, of course. Jim and I saw the most amount of fish emblems I’ve ever seen on a car. You know those emblems that some Christians put on their cars? One of my friends said she put one on her car to remind herself that even her driving habits needed to be a witness to others. I respect that. But, over the years, this emblem has evoked a response from those who seem to think that Christians are anti-science, Darwin, etc… Ok, some Christians are. But not all. That’s another topic…my 2 cents on it is that God created us. I believe in the God of Genesis. I believe in the God of science. And my belief in science does not invalidate my belief in God. Yes, even the God who is taking forever to give us a child. But I digress…

The driver of this agnostic fish car seemed to be in favor of everything except Christianity. S/he had fish emblems with the following words: Darwin, science, ‘n Chips, dog, cat, Reality Bites (with the big fish eating a smaller one), Freud, lutefisk, Buddha, lawyer, Ix Nay… that’s all I remember.

I wanted to get out of the car at a red light, and ask the driver, “Just what, exactly, do you think Christianity is? And if you think Christians are so closed minded that they cannot like fish, dogs, fried food, science, reality, Freud, lutefisk, lawyers, Darwin, even a healthy respect for Buddha… if you really believe that about Christians, then your closed mind needs to be opened to recognizing healthy Christianity in your world and city. Because despite the mistakes we’ve made and will continue to make, we’re also good people. Open your eyes and mind, and try us. We might surprise you. As you might us.




One response

18 05 2007
Steve Pedersen

wonderful observation nd well said.

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