In the basement

1 06 2007

So, the tornado warning is not here yet, but it’s south of us, and since it’s also cooler downstairs, the dogs and I are hanging out in the basement, watching Live Super Doppler Radar.

This morning was the funeral of a 94 year old church member. Her death was partially expected, as she has been on the verge of death numerous times in the past year, but I also expected her to pull through again, as she has done so often. While it’s wonderful that this lady is no longer in pain, etc., I’ll still miss her. She hadn’t been in church for a couple of years, because of health, but Jim and I (especially Jim) visited her frequently, and her fiesty comments always made me laugh.

Hopefully that’s the last funeral for quite some time. I think we had four last year (?), and now one this year… for a small church, that’s an awful lot. Even though three were elderly, and didn’t always attend church, it still has an impact, and the losses are felt.

No news on adoption. We took one of the recently-added-mandatory-online classes, and have two left, in addition to the book we have to read/take a test on. Our re-submitted immigration papers were accepted, and we have been re-approved to adopt an orphan from overseas. That’s not really exciting, since we already were approved, and if this weren’t taking so long, we’d have our orphan now. I could say a lot more, but won’t-now. Another post.
Ok, the tornado watch seems to be diminishing, but the severe thunderstorm warning is increasing, so … time to comfort Abby who’s hiding out under the downstairs desk.




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