In His Time?

17 07 2007

In His Time. I don’t like that phrase. God’s time, of course, is what I’m talking about here. In God’s Time.. In His Time. There are songs about it. There are platitudes about it. People say it to me on occasion, when trying to reassure me that I’m learning my patience lessons during this time of waiting for a child… it’s all God’s timing. The implication, of course, is that everything that goes wrong or right is because of God’s time. It’s not about life happening…. people messing up, choices made by us or others that negatively affect us or others…it’s not about the fact that sometimes life just sucks. It’s all about God’s timing. That’s my struggle with God’s Timing Theology.

I am a firm believer in God working in bad situations. I believe that God can create order out of chaos, good out of bad, and that we can find the positive in the negative. But is everything God’s timing? Hurricane Katrina, the homeless man who just can’t get a job to pay consistent rent, the tsunami, tragic and sudden deaths that leave kids mother-less, the friend who can’t get a break, the woman who’s had repeated surgeries on her legs and hips because of rheumatoid arthiritis and because of some surgeries not working well the first time… years of waiting for a child….. I have seen (you probably have to) too many situations where those involved question what the heck God is doing, allowing bad stuff to happen over and over and over and over again. God’s timing? I hope not.

And yet, I’ve seen and experienced situations which have prompted me to say, “God’s timing was perfect…” So how do I reconcile this? I don’t know.

What I do know is this: God is present in our lives. How? Not so sure. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times we have to really look. But I believe in God’s faithful presence, in good times and bad. I believe that God does work good out of tough situations. And I believe that God cringes with us when others tell us “In God’s timing, you’ll see, everything will turn out fine.”



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20 07 2007

When I get back to the office i’ll grab a book, there is a quote from that book that i’d love to have your response to… maybe latter today or tomorrow i’ll get the quote to you. The author is Robert W. Jenson and the book is… well i have severa by him and i’ll have to dig around a little to find the quote i’m thinking of…

grace, peace and wisdom to you and jim in all this.

23 07 2007

OK, i posted the quote… This is NOT an attempt in any way to answer what you are giving expression to in this or other posts. I was just struck by what I had read and in reading some of your thoughts, I wondered how his thoughts would wash with you…

25 07 2007
Carol L. Beck

PC~i have no words that could make this all better for you tho’ i totally understand. my heart hurts for you and jim. i am truly saddened. life does not make sense. I don’t know why. it still is hard for me – this i do know. daily i struggle and daily i struggle to trust God…but that is a choice that i make each day as well, to put my faith in Him and submit to God’s will. do i always do it…’no’. i want answers, i want to understand why there is pain and so much of it. both physical and emotional pain…they seem to go hand in hand for me. i believe healing is there tho’ and i believe it will be soon…that is my prayer – that all will be well and life will get better and God will take away my RA and all the other sufferings stemming from it.

my prayer for you is that God’s grace will be sufficient my sister and dear loving friend in Christ. i sincerely miss you – more than you could know. love you cath. Peace, CB

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