Slower Boat to China

17 07 2007

Yesterday we received another email from our agency, saying that now the referral time for China adoptions is 21 months. Meaning this: Our LID (Log In Date = the day our paperwork was registered in China) is January 12, 2006. Referral time = the time from the LID date to the day we get a phone call, email, etc.. saying “here’s your daughter’s name, birthdate, info, etc…” So, a 21-month referral time now means the earliest we can expect our referral is October. Yep. (Oh, and the referral times are expected to lengthen more….) After receiving referrals, families normally travel within 6-8 weeks to China.

But, things could change. That’s what we’re told… it’s remotely possible that in the next couple of months, things could speed up. Remotely possible. Remotely.

So here are the scenarios.
1. “Remotely” happens. Referrals speed up, and we travel to China in 2007 still…
2. Referrals remains at 21 months, but travel approval comes quickly and we travel in 2007.
3. Referrals remains at 21 months, but travel approval takes 8 or more weeks (Christmas is in there), and we travel at the beginning of 2008.
3. Referrals continue to lengthen and we travel sometime in 2008.

If the slow boat to China shipwrecks and we need further scenarios… then we’ll have to get creative.



2 responses

18 07 2007

I like your creativity thus far…and I agree with you i hate the words “in his time”…just so you know, I am praying for you and pastor jim….

26 07 2007

You are just plain honest. One of my favorite things about you. I’m glad I found your blog. We like to know what’s up in your neck of the woods. We are coming to Arbor on a sunday in August! Which one? You’ll just have to e-mail me to find out:)

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