3 08 2007

I was on vacation in Vermont last week, visiting family. For two nights, 18 of us stayed at my parents’ home in West Townshend, and though it was crazy at times, it was also wonderful. Ok, it was crazy most of the time..

But one of the best parts is that we threw a surprise 50th annversary party for my parents (their anniversary was in June), and it was a surprise! So previous to vacation, during vacation, etc… cat07vermont-1032.jpgI spent much time planning, coordinating, etc.. with the help of others in my family. The photo is my whole immediate family. Including an appearance by Oliver Twist, aka my nephew, Chandler.

Now we’re back in Madison, but life’s still crazy.

We finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… Whew.

Sad news about the Minneapolis Bridge collapse the other night. Jim’s parents are fine, so we are thankful. And we are thankful to hear about those who narrowly escaped being on the bridge, including a cousin of Jim’s. But we are sad for those who lost loved ones.

Ok, time to run to a meeting…

more later, hopefully including photos of the 2nd Annual Badger + Dwight District Brewers’ Game.