Blog Burst

14 08 2007

Life. It’s nuts. And good. And not always so good. Busy… returned from VT vacation, had a great time with family. Went to a Brewer’s game with District Clergy. Lots of fun… Lots of church meetings lately, to work on planning mission trip (2008), interim youth ministry plans, etc. While at home and not working, we’ve been working on another vacation, thanks to frequent flyer miles. We’re going to Peru this fall. Can’t wait. Lots to do for that. Machu Picchu, here we come. High altitude, here we come…. lots of photos…. of course, here I come.

Adoption? Who knows…it likely won’t happen until 2008. Can’t believe it, and yet I can. It fits with the way this whole process has been going. (the potential of it not happening until 2008 is why we’re going to Peru… need to do something fun) Others pregnant. Tough. Very tough. For us, not them. Oh well. Once again, it fits.. I’m getting numb to that. Mostly.

Preaching this Sunday. Hopefully not so tough. 2 people joining the church this Sunday. Yeah. Vacation Bible School this week. Our theme is the Great Bible Reef (Augsburg Fortress), and we’ve decorated the church in underwater stuff… I love it! First night: 47 kids! (Only 11 are church kids. Interesting.) Hopefully tonight will be as many. Though it was nuts. Hopefully our new friends down the block from church will continue to come…. The dogs are good. House is a mess. Yesterday in a rare moment of domesticity–or wait, actually it was more like, the mangoes are getting too soft… gotta do something with them–, I made sticky rice & mangoes, my favorite dessert in the world. Very good. It’s been insanely hot here. Well, not as hot as farther south, but still… we ‘ve had the AC on almost every day (not 24 hours), because otherwise I can’t handle the heat. And the humidity, really. Ick. Who would guess that this girl born in Zaire would not be able to handle heat and humidity one day? Today’s slightly cooler. Tomorrow, even cooler. Yeah. Can’t wait.

And now, back to life.