The Limited

29 08 2007

“The limited”… my new name for those of us limited by circumstances beyond our control. (Believe it or not, I’m not talking about infertility here, though I could!) Those of us unable to do the things we would like to do, and people our ages and phases of life should technically be able to do….but can’t, because of the way life is. Granted, on some days I self-limit. I don’t want to do anything, I feel lazy, maybe I’m afraid of taking some steps with something…. That happens occasionally.

But on days like yesterday, fibromyalgia’s the culprit. I fall into the category of “the limited” thanks to fibro. I experience fibro pain on most days, but it’s not usually so limiting. But then I have days like yesterday, when I wake up knowing it’s going to be a bad fibro day. The pain is intense: my arms and hands hurt, my entire body aches, it literally pains me to even lift a coffee cup. I’m painfully aware that I cannot do everything I’d like to do, and it’s frustrating beyond belief. I’m too young for this. It’s not fair. Yet I’m also grateful… grateful that my fibro is not as bad as it could be. Grateful that I am able to do so many things on the good days, which far out-number the bad days. And grateful that God has given me the strength to do what I need to do, when I need to do it. Mostly.

I still grow frustrated at my own limitations. But I’m also aware that there are too many people in our world who are limited by much worse than my level of fibromyalgia. Things like extreme poverty, racism, sexism, lack of education, being the victim of a horrible crime or accident… these, and countless other circumstances, are horrible… I can’t imagine the extreme limitations some people push through everyday.

Today I still feel somewhat limited… but better. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better. And whether it is or is not, I remember that I am not alone. So for those of you feeling limited today, or this week, or whenever… limited by circumstances beyond your control– I may not feel your exact pain, but I am with you in spirit…



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30 08 2007

Yeah… good word!

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