“The Apostle”

14 09 2007

Last night our M&M small group watched the movie “The Apostle.” Great movie, in my opinion. Though it’s been on my list of movies to see since released 10 years ago, I had not seen it until last night. From what I had heard, I didn’t think I would like it this much: Robert Duvall’s character felt called by the Lord to be an apostle… yet was also obviously a sinner. Yes, the movie is full of contradictions. As I had heard, Robert Duvall’s character (Sonny/E.F.) felt called by God, and yet was obviously a sinner… As the movie progressed, I didn’t want to like Sonny. But I did. He was enormously complex, loved people, a little too human for comfort, sometimes a jerk… and yet real.

Sound familiar? Aren’t we all enormously complex? Human… sometimes jerks… (some of us more than others, maybe.).. and yet real. Maybe that’s why I liked the main character so much. I’m a little too real at times. I mess up, I can’t always keep quiet when I should , I try–I genuinely try–to behave, to do better… and I still fall into similar human sinful patterns. And yet, like Sonny, I also care about people, and my heart’s usually in the right place.

Usually. But even when my heart’s in the right place, my actions still trip me up. And so I am grateful for God’s grace. Grace…. so undeserved, in the “Apsotle”, in Cathy, in those around me… so undeserved, and yet freely given.

Thanks be to God.




3 responses

14 09 2007

I loved your writing and I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m glad He’s God all by Himself and His mercy goes where man’s could never reach. Blessings…

16 09 2007

That movie is one great statement about Grace. Hollywood knows how to capture the human condition. It tells our story.

18 09 2007
Stacey Littlefield

Walking Contradictions, aren’t we all. Great movie, powerful image of the Grace of God. Have you seen Duvall in “Tender Mercies”? Another great one.

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