Went to Milwaukee

26 09 2007

Last weekend, Jim and I officiated at a wedding in Milwaukee. The bride and groom put us up at the Hotel Metro Friday night, and Jim and I got to enjoy Milwaukee. nervosa.jpgI love it! At least the neighborhood we got to wander around in. The river walk, the architecture, the statues of ducks, the atmosphere. We wanted to eat breakfast at this Nervosa Coffee Shop, because we it reminded us of the show “Frasier”, one of our all-time favorite shows. But alas, Nervosa hadn’t opened for breakfast yet, and we had to get moving, so we had to settle for a photo. And breakfast back at the hotel, which was good.


I like Milwaukee a lot. This overnight trip inspired me to return to explore Milwaukee–the Art Museum, the parks, more of the architecture, etc. We were told about the incredible polar bear exhibit at the Milwaukee Zoo… you can pretty much guarantee we’ll be back to see that! And, we were told about the Ancora near the lake which serves a delicious baked oatmeal… mmm mmm good. I love baked oatmeal! If you’ve never heard of it, it sounds strange, I know.. But it’s sooooo good. So we’ll head back to Milwaukee one of these days.

And, of course, to take more photos.

This duck statue is “Gertie”.


At first I thought it was simply a cute duck statue. But as it turns out, Gertie was a real duck. She was a Mallard who lived under a Milwaukee bridge in World War II. Gertie’s 6 ducklings were born while the world watched. Gertie and her babies provided a necessary element of hope in a war-worn world. Go, Gertie and your 6 ducklings! Now this statue stands on a bridge in Milwaukee, for everyone to remember Gertie. I’d argue that we still need that kind of hope in this war-worn world. In fact, I’d argue that it might be a nice element of hope for Jim and me to get our baby from China, and for my single friends to find their soul mates. Soon. Please, God?

In the meantime, I’m prepping for this week’s sermon, next week’s clergy retreat, a couple of meetings in between, then our trip to Peru. Our “we’re-not-going-to-China-in-2007-so-we’re-going-to-Peru-with-Jo Ann” trip to Peru. Can’t wait.





3 responses

27 09 2007

Great photos of Milwaukee. See you next week at the retreat!

27 09 2007

Great photo! The “big” duck is very fantastic!!!

30 09 2007
Jo Ann

One more week and we’ll be in Peru!

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