A few pictures

10 10 2007

 We have to get up quite early tomorrow to catch our train to Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu. But it´s been a good day of exploring Cuzco, walking a lot, eating a lot, talking to people, taking photos, taking a nap, drinking lots of water, some really good coffee in a cafe… good day.

 Here are a few pictures. I think they will appear huge at first, then wait and they should diminish in size. I think… I hope..







4 responses

11 10 2007

Fantastic pictures! Don’t worry about their appearance on the blog. At least at my end they only appear as photo icons on which I must click to view the photo. Works for me and my sloooooow dial up. Keep the photos coming!

11 10 2007

Lamb of God?

11 10 2007

Will is going to be excited to see the LLAMA pics. His favorite show features “Linda the Llama.” Looks like fun!

23 01 2008

Good Site! Keep Doing That!

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