Grandma Gammon

5 11 2007

I am in the Sacramento Airport, on my way home after a few days in California for meetings in Turlock, and a day/night with my Grandma and Uncle Jerald in Modesto. It’s a treat to be able to visit with them. Grandma is 90 years old, and she keeps saying she won’t be around for long. I told her she’d better hang on until she meet our daughter. She sent me off with two jars of her homemade jam, and a container of her homemade raisins. (from their grapes). She and Uncle Jerald utilize their lot to the best of their abilities, and are always eating from their produce.

Yesterday Grandma and I spent time looking through photos, hearing stories about my relatives, her relatives, etc. It was a joy. I’d like to sit with her for several 4-hour chunks, listening to stories about our families.

And last night, we all played Rummy-O, a game she and Uncle Jerald play frequently.

Grandma has a fun sense of humor. As we were looking at some photos in an album, we were clearly getting to point of photos of her nieces, great-nieces and nephews, etc.. she couldn’t remember exactly who was who. At one point we got to a photo of a cute infant. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Who’s that… hmm… I don’t know…” She thought for a minute, then said, “Someone’s baby”, then started laughing.

I’m thankful that since I live in the Midwest, and Grandma lives out West, I’ve been able to visit her twice in the past three years.