Mental Health Break

3 01 2008

It’s been stressful. Life, in general. This latest adoption update (see yesterday’s post) hasn’t helped. And, by the way, one thing I forgot to mention about the latest adoption update: a couple who received a referral in this latest batch had requested an infant, yet received a referral for a 3 or 4 year old. Just when I was starting to think, again, that we might actually get an infant, or a young toddler. Anyhow, I digress…this adoption stuff… other stuff… It’s been stressful.

Today I talked with a friend I hadn’t caught up with in too long… That was good mental health, and emotionally nourishing for me, both to talk about my life, and to hear what’s been going on in hers. It was a good thing. And part of our conversation was while I was walking slowly through Michael’s, then Bed Bath & Beyond, and finally Target, and for some odd reason that was mentally good as walk slowly through these stores, through many aisles.. simply browsing, while talking.

Somewhere at Target I lost my list. You know, my “things to buy/places to go” list, scribbled on a bent, torn sticky note. Sometimes I work on these lists for awhile, until I can justify the gas to do the errands. Today I knew I had lots to do and buy, but more than anything, I really wanted to go out and about. So I had scribbled this list down in the minutes before leaving the house. Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s being 37, maybe it’s that I just have a bad memory at times. I don’t know. But when I realized I had lost my list, I suddenly forgot everything on it. Good thing I had already bought some items. Too bad I forgot the ones I needed. Oh well.

I did remember, however, that I had contemplated going to Half Price Books. I have been reading The Irrational Season by Madeleine L’Engle, but the copy I’m reading (which I purchased at Half Price Books a couple of years ago) is literally falling apart. So I thought… if I could find another cheap copy, then I could finish the book without having to literally pick up the pages. I never found that book… but I spent two hours browsing the store. I haven’t book-browsed in a long time. Way too long. It was so much fun. Granted, probably half of that time was spent looking at books that could potentially help me in the various stresses I am trying to manage/resolve/ignore… but aside from that, it was so good. So nourishing, so fun, so needed.

Good way to spend time I didn’t really have. And good mental health break.

Adoption Blues

3 01 2008

Yep… that time again. Time to sing the adoption blues. Apparently some referrals came in over the past 2 days… and those referrals didn’t cover much ground. In other words, only families with LID through 12/20/05 received referrals. So it’s slow going, still. There had been some rumors of things speeding up… rumors that I shouldn’t have believed, but somehow, somewhere in my hardened heart, I found it in me to believe in that hope. Ha. I’ve learned my lesson again!

Now, this news is yet to be confirmed by our agency, though the online rumor mills have been bustling since yesterday. These online reports have even included the orphanage photos of the recent referrals, from families who received these referrals. Eeesh… It’s looking as if we may not receive a referral in February after all. If things continue at this pace, we may not receive a referral until May or June.

So, the adoption blues continue. Oh well. I’m actually kind of numb right now. Which is a good thing, I guess.

Another good thing, completely unrelated to adoption: I feel much better physically, today. I’d say, at this point, I’m probably at 95% of my “normal” health status. Thank you, God.