Thank you, Alka Seltzer

19 01 2008

The other night I did not sleep too well… lots on my mind. In fact, “did not sleep well” is putting it mildly. I managed to watch 2 episodes of “Samantha Who?” on the internet (from my side of the bed, earplugs in); I prayed; I listened to music on the radio; I listened to an online prayer site; I read; nothing made me tired. I tried everything I could to sleep. Nothing worked. Until finally, at 6 am, I slept-for two hours.

So last night, too tired to even function, I took an Alka Seltzer Nighttime pill…. thank you, Alka Seltzer! I slept for 11 hours.



One response

29 01 2008


Have you tried Melatonin? I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping in hotels over the past several months and when my stress level is way too high (like yours) — Melatonin has really helped me get to sleep.

Love always,

Mr. Underhill

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