Bears Fan

24 01 2008

Ok, if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, or think that Brett Favre is a god, I’m warning you: you may not like this.

I am not a Packers fan, though I don’t detest them or anything. I just prefer the Bears, and the Vikings, and then the Packers. But I wasn’t rooting for the Packers the other day when they played the Giants. I’m sorry, if you love the Packers, but it was just what I needed, for the Giants to win. I’m not exactly sure why. Anyhow, the next morning, there was a front-page spread about the Packers’ loss.

100_8084_brett.jpgNow, I don’t love Brett either. I don’t detest him. I am just tired of him. And his waffling back and forth about returning or not each season has bugged me. But, I admit that Brett is a nice guy, apparently a very nice guy, and I give him credit for that. And after the Giants’ win, I was very impressed to see Brett approach Eli Manning and congratulate him. Good move, Brett. Very impressive.

On Tuesday morning I opened my mirror/vanity cabinet to grab my toothbrush, and burst out laughing. Jim had taped the previous day’s front page on the inside of my mirror. And it made me laugh, which was a very good thing. Thank you, Jim.