The 11-Month 2008

2 02 2008

Happy New Year!

It’s not Chinese New Year yet… (Feb, 7th, I think). And it’s past January 1st. But my friend Jen and I have decided that since January had a lot of difficulties and challenges, we’re going to call Feb. 1st the New Year. So though there were also some good things about January 2008, we’ve decided to start over. (and don’t worry: there were some good things in January… just a lot of disappointments and frustrations as well.)

Jen told me last night that as far as she’s concerned, 2008 has 11 months. I like it. I agree. We went out for dinner to celebrate New Year’s Day. Call us crazy, but we’re trying to be hopeful. So give us credit for that. Hope, that ridiculous desire for something, sometimes for anything… that crazy emotion that keeps us riding this roller coaster of life… yep. There might be some hope for the 11-month 2008.

So Happy New Year. Happy 11-Month 2008.

Happy trying-to-hope-without-losing-hope-in-the-process…..

Well see how this goes.



One response

2 02 2008

i like that…HOPE!!!

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