Who needs dip? A new Super Bowl Menu…

4 02 2008

I wanted to go out yesterday afternoon and buy some cool chips and good ingredients to make fun Super Bowl dip… all that stuff. Jim was going to the Youth Group Super Bowl party, so they had some snacks… I wanted some too. (Jen was coming over to watch the game, here, as Roy was also part of the youth group party.)

But I was exhausted. And somewhere between coming home after a friend’s Birthday Lunch at the Nitty Gritty, and taking my nap, I forgot.

Neither Jen nor I are huge football fans. We liked some of the commercials. (Especially the dog & horse one, and the cashews one) We played with the dogs (our three dogs, not the dalmation on tv). We talked. Jen worked diligently on her knitting. I pretended to scrap. And we scrounged the house for food.

We found mini-quiches in the downstairs freezer, a bag of miniature-Reeses-peanut-butter-cups, and a frozen Pumpkin Custard Pie. A-Ha. Who needs dip?

We ate first-quarter quiches, eat-as-necessary peanut-butter-cups… and, when the Giants took the lead again in the beginning of the 4th quarter, we ate “Touchdown Pie”. Later we gave the dogs “Interception Chicken Jerky Treats”.

Who needs dip?

This menu worked–for me, at least. The Giants won! I’m so happy. Just to be clear–I’m not one of these Patriots-haters. After all, I call New England one of my many “homes”. But I wanted the underdog to win.. and they did.

Go Eli! Go Plaxico! Go David Tyree with that incredible grip.

Maybe next year I’ll go on Food Network, promoting the new Super Bowl Menu: mini quiches, mini peanut-butter-cups, pumpkin custard pie…and even some treats for the dogs.



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