Give it up for Lent

5 02 2008

I don’t often give something up for Lent. Sometimes. But usually I take something on–more prayer, Bible reading, exercise… last year I did the photo a day exercise. This year I’m doing the photo a day exercise again, along with other friends. But I’m also considering some other options, to help me focus more on God, and less on problems.

So, as a fun distraction from thinking about tomorrow’s impending exercise, I thought I’d look up what other people are giving up or taking on for Lent. And here are some of the things I found online:

What some people are taking on: go to church every Sunday, saying the rosary every night, detaching from “distractions”, pay the 25 cent bridge toll for the person in line behind me, stay calm & freak out less, spend an extra half hour each day in prayer, head back to church, smile at a stranger everyday, and work out.

What some people are giving up: DISH TV, ice-cream, sarcasm, buttered popcorn & lemonade, cursing, being lazy, Facebook or MySpace, hope, beer, spending money on anything “luxurious”, sweets, soft drinks, coffee, hopefully 10 pounds, TV watching, cigarettes, butter, Facebook & political news, pretzels potatoes & pasta, writing about politics, screens (TV screens, computer screens phone screens, etc…) and sugar in coffee.

How about you? Are you giving something up? Or taking something on? Or doing anything to help you focus on God this Lent?




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6 02 2008

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