Church Canceled

17 02 2008

100_8658_branch.jpgYep. Canceled. Last year, church was canceled, but we were up north for the Retreat, so didn’t feel the effects of that. So after consulting the other person who arrives early-at-church-each-week, and our church chair, we concurred that canceling was the best option. After that decision was made, it turned out that hundreds of churches have canceled. (scroll down to “Church”). In fact, just about anything in Madison, WI is canceled today–except for a grade school chess competition, apparently. (Sandie’s kids are in that, and last I heard, that had not been canceled!) It is so icy outside, and soon, apparently, it’s going to be turning to heavy snow. Woo hoo!! It’s a skating rink outside–and not an evenly-zambonied skating rink, either! I went outside and took some photos of our yard, driveway, etc. So… today will be a good day to hang out, watch TV, play with the dogs (inside!). Maybe even catch up on some housework. Ha. We’ll see.