What should we name her?

14 05 2008

Ok, this is purely for fun. Don’t worry… we will pick the name that we, Jim and Cathy, think is the best fit for our daughter. But we also thought it’d be fun to have a poll on the blog.
So, which name do you like best?
Click on this “Click Here/Cast your Vote” button below, and cast your vote. And check back for the name.. someday!

Free Vote Caster from<br /> Bravenet.com
Free Vote Caster<br /> from Bravenet.com

And, in case you need to look at her face to choose your favorite name:

Have fun!

And many thanks to Dave, for creating the poll for me!!



2 responses

14 05 2008

All the names you have picked are very pretty! 🙂

14 05 2008

We LOVE the name Kajsa. We seriously thought about naming Elsa that! It just kinda sounds like “Case of Bals itis” though. So once Scott’s mom pointed that out, we couldn’t go through with it! It is one of my favorite names and so Sweedish! My cousin is actually named Kajsa too! I love the other names too! So very pretty!

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