faster and faster and faster

2 06 2008

We received an email from our agency on Friday afternoon that our Travel Approvals (TA) arrived! This means that China has approved our travel to their country. Now we wait for the agency and the American Consulate in Guangzhou (CHINA) to set up our appointment… then everything works backwards from there.

BUT, the big news in that email from the agency, was that we could be leaving as early as next week! COULD be. It all depends on the consulate appointments.

Needless to say, we’re in speed-up/stressed-out/excited-beyond-belief/prioritizing mode. Obviously there are some things that will not get done at this point, before we bring Kajsa home. Then there are some things that have to be done before we leave. So, after years of waiting, we’re finally on the fast track, and it seems a bit out of control. Yet fun at the same time.

Jo Ann was here last week and she and I rearranged some furniture in the dining room/mess room/and living room. Now I need to rearrange the junk that belongs in those rooms. Last night I officially finished painting Kajsa’s room, and today I’ll touch up her crib with white paint, before putting that in the room.

So, here goes! faster and faster and faster…



4 responses

2 06 2008
Jen D.

WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! next week?!!! you’re not kidding that things are moving fast now….. I’m SO excited for you =)

2 06 2008

Oh my goodness!! How exciting!!! I’ll be praying for peace and patience in the midst of overwhelming joy.

Blessings to all of you!


3 06 2008

WOW! That’s insane and welcome news at the same time!!! 🙂 We’re very very excited for you!

3 06 2008

Oh, Cathy and Jim
I am so happy for the two of you. I know how hard this has been and it is now all in the past. Before you know it you will be rocking Kajsa in her bedroom singing her to sleep or reading her a book.
Many Hugs to you, Jim and Kajsa.
Blessings my friends,

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