Slow Boat to China

6 06 2008

The boat has been slowly making its way to China…for three years! And finally, on June 24th, we depart. We fly from Madison to Beijing, via Chicago and San Francisco…We arrive in Beijing on the 25th. We will have a couple of days in Beijing to catch up on sleep (jet lag.. not that we’re saving up sleep until we arrive in a foreign country), explore Beijing, go on a couple of tours with other adoptive parents who are in Beijing.

And, hopefully, we will meet Kajsa on either the 29th or 30th! We’ll fly to her province on the 29th, I think.

So, that’s the plan for now. Our tickets are booked (Thank you Dan and Joan for the miles!)…and it feels a bit more real, now. A bit. I guess it’s actually felt a bit more real in the past week or so, but today, having an itinerary in hand feels even more of a bit real.

and slow down again.

6 06 2008

Ok, run full speed…. and now, sloooow down. As if the adoption roller coaster isn’t long enough, with enough highs and lows up to this point…

The excitement and even the stress of thinking we were leaving June 9th or 10th was huge. It became the only thing we could think about (which was a nice break!), meeting Kajsa before she even turned 11 months old. Well, no longer. Turns out that we probably should never have received an email saying we might travel next week–because it wasn’t even possible!

We found out a few days ago that we probably would not be traveling next week. Then yesterday morning we found out that we cannot travel until the week of June 22nd. Sigh. So, Jim and his father are working on flight itineraries, and hopefully we can confirm today. As soon as we have the confirmed date of travel and return from China, I’ll post it.

The bad news: we felt misled, we got all excited for nothing, we won’t meet Kajsa as soon as we thought last Friday. (At this age, babies change constantly, and we simply don’t want to miss another day of her life.)

The good news: some things on our to-do lists that automatically got crossed off last Friday can now, maybe, be done! We have more time to get flights, to pack more efficiently, to work on the house…

And the best news: we’re still on our way to meet Kajsa!