Weeding, at the Temple of Heaven

27 06 2008

Dinner was phenomenal last night: Peking Duck. After some major confusion about the prices, it ended up being quite the deal. Phenomenal food… poor ducks..

Yesterday after the pandas at the zoo, (the only thing we saw at the zoo), we saw the Summer Palace, had a good lunch of Chinese food, and visited the Temple of Heaven.

The few photos I’m posting on Flickr will have to do for now.. we’re having an electric challenge: when we leave the hotel room, we remove our key card from a certain slot, which turns the electricity off. Great for saving electricity. Not-so-great for those of us charging laptops, camera batteries, video-cam batteries, etc.. pretty funny. So, a few photos at a time, until we have the chunk of time to upload more and do it that way!

This morning, there’s a strange sight in our hotel room: SUNSHINE!!!!!! Very strange. We haven’t seen this much sun since arriving in Beijing. yesterday several of us from our group commented about how frustrating it was that our photos are all so grey. Ugh. But also, we commented about how much hotter it would be, so it’s a toss up. Well, today when we visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, we’ll be able to weigh which is worse! Maybe. The sun is shining, but still pretty faded, compared to a city which is not so hazy. Oh well.

We’re loving Beijing (except the haze and humidity). Our adoption travel group is so fun. We have laughed a lot, and that has been good. Feeling blessed to be here, thanking God for the opportunity, finally, and grateful for all your prayers and support.

A couple of notes: Joan and Dan, thanks for taking care of Abby!
Sandie and Company, how’s Little E?
Jo Ann, thanks for posting the comments that I can’t access!
Jordan, we flew on a 747! It was huge!
others… thanks for checking in..




3 responses

27 06 2008

Actually – taking photos in “distilled” light is better than in direct sun. But I can’t wait to see you holding you nre girl in a couple days. Photos of babies are great in any light! GOD BLESS!

28 06 2008

Little E is lonely and confused. Missing you and his sister, Abby, terribly. As we all are. Counting the days until we meet your little one.

27 06 2012

I am reading this 4 years to the day later and sitting at my desk smiling what a wonderful exciting and unknown time of our life – obviously I hit post without proofreading my prior comment!!!!!

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