Nanchang to Guangzhou

5 07 2008

First plane ride

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Good-bye, Nanchang. Good-bye, Jiangxi Province. Several of us today were a bit sad, to leave the province that our girls are from. Though it means we’re one step closer to taking them “home” to our US homes, it means one step farther away from their birth homes. But, it’s one of the many paradoxes and dilemmas of international adoption. It is what it is.

So we boarded our bus, saw our driver for the last time, and rode to the airport in Nanchang. All of us were a bit nervous about the flight. How would the girls do? Would they all scream because of the change in air pressure, and pain in their ears? Fortunately, none did. Some slept through it. Some played through it. And Kajsa played, drank part of a bottle, and “talked” through it. First airplane ride: fairly uneventful. Which we’re grateful for.

Guangzhou Airport seems fairly new. Nice. Clean. Spiffed up. Still under construction. And Guangzhou is a bit farther south than Nanchang, so more tropical. More banana trees, palm trees, tropical flowers… beautiful, in that tropical way.

The White Swan Hotel is more than I had expected. We’ve heard about it for eons. Since a friend adopted her girl years ago. We’ve heard about the “Red Couch Photo”, the children’s play room, the nice rooms.. we had not realized how big it actually is. Huge. For instance, it has two swimming pools. Yikes. Lots of shops. Lots of Western couples/families holding Chinese babies, or pushing strollers of Chinese children. Kind of surreal, in a way. I miss Nanchang, and our small group, and our neighborhood. And it’s a bit strange to be part of this more Western setting, when I’m still loving being in China. Yet it’s also fun to see the other families from our agency, who went to different provinces than us, and to meet families we have only met virtually… and to see all the children, babies, etc., and find out how everyone’s doing.

The White Swan Hotel is on Shamian Island.. covered in street vendors, shops eager to sell all sorts of souvenirs and momentoes for our children, people offering tidbits of information about our children’s province (someone told us that the first rice ever was from ShangRao, Jiangxi Province… ShangRao is the orphanage Kajsa’s from…. ? who knows? ). I’m already on a first-name basis with Jenny, not of the store Jenny’s (or Jennifer’s), but of the first store when you leave the hotel.. Jenny, who works at this store. They offer free stroller “rentals”… of course, they want you to buy stuff. And why not? Free stroller rental for our time here? Love it.

So, several days at the White Swan Hotel, on Shamian Island, in the city of Guangzhou, China.. should be interesting. And fun.




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6 07 2008
Dawn B

We found Shamian Island to be a little surreal too, but Althea was so much happier there that we loved it. She loved all the neon lights of Guangzhou. If you have a chance, visit “Jordan’s Gift Shop.” He’s a very smart and very kind fellow who has learned how to help Americans feel comfortable–no bartering (just pretty good prices) and no “swarming” of sales staff. We came to really enjoy talking to him. His English is excellent and he’s always eager to understand more.
Dawn B

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