Bliss…. then the meltdown

6 07 2008


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Bliss. Total bliss. We found the Starbucks in Guangzhou… and it tasted just like home. Jim had a tall Coffee, I had a tall Iced Latte… and Kajsa tried sipping coffee through a straw. I think to no avail. There wasn’t much in there, so don’t worry too much!

Wow. That Iced Latte, the smell of Starbucks, the Starbucks symbol.. I knew I loved good coffee, but that is one thing that I have not enjoyed so much in China: the coffee. So today’s jaunt to a little-taste-of-home made me so happy!

We went out for Thai food tonight. Phenomenal food… horrendous service. Granted, the place was crazy busy with adoptive families… but still. it put most of us a bit over the edge. Our poor guide, Grace, was busy (as was Michael, a different guide) trying to straighten out our orders after the servers/kitchen messed much of it up. Kajsa got her steamed eggs (baby food here) shortly after I received my Red Curry. But then the other steamed eggs for other babies didn’t come for another 20minutes or so… we had ordered two bowls of rice (you order rice separately here in China), and they didn’t come until towards the end of our meal. Babies were hungry, and Kajsa had a giant meltdown.

It started as a little discontent… one minute she liked the steamed egg, the next minute she wanted her bottle. Then she wanted Jim to feed her, then she wanted me to feed her. Then she wanted noodles, then she didn’t. Then back to the bottle, but nope.. not for long. Screaming, in between these mind-changes…. Jim and me completely unsure of what she wanted. It was nuts.

So yes, chalk it up. we have experienced our first major public, embrass-the-parents meltdown. Hopefully we won’t get this same meltdown on the long airplane flight home! (which, by the way, happens this Friday! Eeesh..)

We’re hoping Kajsa’s not getting sick again. She calmed down every now and then in the restaurant, only to start screaming again. Then in the stroller on the way back to the hotel she calmed down and was cheery again. Then back in the room she started screaming again as soon as we got her ready for bed.

So hopefully… tonight’s sleep will be enough to ward off any potential sickness. We’re praying. If not, we’ll be back at Starbucks tomorrow, even though it is more expensive here. It might be the medicine we need to get through future meltdowns.




One response

6 07 2008
Dawn B

Alas, into every baby’s life, some melt-downs must come. Try not too worry too much. Sounds like you guys are doing such a great job with her.
Love the picture of Kajsa and Cathy: “so cute!” Thea says.
If you get over to Jordan’s gift shop–send him our greetings!
We will continue to pray.
Dawn B

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