family picture

8 07 2008

family picture

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

A photo… of us. The happy family, cocooned at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China!




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8 07 2008

Cathy and Jim….the smiles on your faces are just priceless. I’m so happy for you. Kajsa is just adorable. It’s good – it’s all good!!!

8 07 2008
Lisa Collins

Oh my, why didn’t I look here sooner! I should have known you would post while you were gone. What a beautiful picture, Kaisa is beautiful and you all look so happy. Don’t worry about the public meltdown, it happens to all of us and there will be more to follow. I ususally just say something like ” just wait till we tell your mother”. then I am not responsible. Can’t wait to see you all have a safe and quick journey home.
Love Lisa

8 07 2008
Nancy Hansen

Hi Jim and Cathy
I have been following your adventures on the blog and by talking to Joan. Sorry I missed your call. I have here but didn’t get to the phone on time. Glad it is going Ok and you all hve lots to learn!!!! See you when all three of you are up to a visit. Nancy Hansen

8 07 2008
Dawn B

What a great family picture! That’s one for framing. i also really like the picture of Kajsa on the marble floor–looks like she’s deep in thought.

9 07 2008
Deb Andersen

Jim and Cathy….thanks for letting us come along for the ride! The memories of December 2004 have all come rushing back to me! We can’t wait to do it all again… is truly the most amazing journey! Blessings to you as you travel home soon…..the best is yet to come….but China will forever hold a very special spot in your hearts!

9 07 2008

Public meltdowns… the Goettler children just do that when ever. you both know. What an amazingly beautiful family. Can’t wait to see you all. 2 weeks from today we leave for the Mission Trip Yikes

10 07 2008
aunt donna and uncle john

hi cathy and jim….and darling kajsa,

i just got onto your blog and loved seeing the pictures and reading your impressions. it made me cry, remembering our experience of getting to know jane lu in cheungsha……and then in guangzhou… that white swan hotel….seeing the babies on the red couch…..the fun shops, the walks down the streets there, the fantastic food……i can just picture you all, and feel like i’m there with you. it is such a priceless experience, isn’t it?

i am just so thrilled for you….your faces look so happy with kajsa in your arms. isn’t it just amazing how fast you feel bonded to her and she to you?
and it’s so neat that you have this group of other parents who have shared these days with you!

i laughed when you told about the ladies on the streets…..we had two ladies who took the diaper off jane lu, just wanted to check and make sure you weren’t stealing one of their boys……!

i don’t know exactly what day you will leave guangzhou and fly to hong kong, but i hope you can enjoy hong kong! it’s such a great walking city….if you are in a hotel on the kowloon side, be sure and walk kajsa along the waterfront, as it’s beautiful and refreshing. you’re probably ready for some good western food by now, so you can get anything there….and the 7-11’s are great for fruit, drinks, snacks in the room, etc……

i’m sure you’re anxious to get home now…..i loved your piece about the cocoon…..

when we were in guangzhou, john and i walked through a park and john started talking cantonese to all the old people sitting there. he comes alive when he’s in south china speaking his language….so i told him, that when he gets really old, i’ll take him to china or hong kong where i can wheel him to the park everyday, and he can talk to his heart’s delight…..

i’ll be looking for your next blog, to see what happens next……
love to you all,
aunt donna

16 07 2008

I have never seen you look so happy, the smile on you faces tell the whole story, it brought tears to my eyes. God has bless you with a beautiful family. All wonders from God are worth waiting for. I printed some of the pictures to show everyone at church and hang on the bulletin board. I pray for all that is best for you everyday. May God keep you and your family safe.

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