The Red Couch Photo

8 07 2008

Red Couch Photo-with Grace

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

I first heard about the “Red Couch” photo, when I first heard about Chinese adoption. The red couch is in the White Swan Hotel, (actually there are several red couches), and it has become tradition to take a photo of all the adoptees sitting on the red couch.

It is somewhat dreaded by parents, because many of the children cry or scream. Not a fun thing. But we did it anyhow. And it was a hoot. The kids were great… I thought it went super well, considering the task of gathering 6 kids, dressed in Chinese outfits, and having them remain relatively calm.

Not bad at all.
And I love Kajsa’s outfit…




2 responses

8 07 2008

beautiful little dolls. just precious.

8 07 2008
Dawn B

This is definitely a couch photo “with grace.” It has a LOT more grace than the one with our little one. As soon as the kids were all on the couch together, one of the little darlings grabbed a toy Althea was holding. She doesn’t take that sort of thing well. We had a little baby scrum on our hands.
Your little ones look so peaceful and sweet. I’m sure they never cry and fuss. 🙂
Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. (Can I admit to a wee bit of envy?) We’ll get back there some day!
Dawn B

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