Leaving Guangzhou

9 07 2008

I honestly am having a hard time leaving this cocoon called Guangzhou. And the White Swan Hotel. Of course, the breakfast buffet alone is enough to make a person want to live here. But tonight at our “last supper”, celebrating Melynda’s first birthday, some of us talked about this cocoon, and how comfortable it is. Not only have we not had to face the reality of doing our own cooking, going to work everyday, not being led around by a knowledgeable and fun guide, washing, dishes, and doing laundry. Ok, wait.. I guess there has been some of that “normal” daily life stuff, though in an abnormal way. We have done some of our own laundry in the bathroom sinks, hanging it out to dry in the room. And we’ve done dishes at least once a day: bottles, baby spoons, cups, mugs, Ziploc bags…

But laundry and dishes aside, we’ve been spoiled here at the White Swan. We now feel quite comfortable with each other, we’re next door to each other or down the hall on the same floor. We know how to bargain with which vendors, we know which vendors will leave you alone… we now know that in the afternoon or lunchtime, when we don’t have a set lunch with the group, it’s helpful to have a yogurt, some crackers, and perhaps a banana muffin from the breakfast buffet for the babies. We know that laundry from one particular shop comes back perhaps rinsed, but not clean; while laundry from another shop is returned smelling better than our clothes have smelled in weeks.

We know a lot more about our own babies, and each others’ babies. We have watched the babies change since June 29th. We’ve watched ourselves change. We’ve watched babies come out of their shells, push boundaries, navigate their new parents, figure out how to adapt in their new worlds.. which are now going to change again. Except for the parents part, fortunately.

But the cocoon is also the fact that we’ve become parents (some for the second or third time) together. We’ve learned together, we’ve counted on one another, we’ve traded meds or diapers or food. We’ve shared meds or diapers or food, many meals, and even more memories. The most important one being the hour that our babies were placed in our arms. We were all there.

And I’m going to miss that most of all. That friendship, that common bond, that “all being in the same boat” thing. Or the same cocoon. Or whatever.. being in the same “whatever” together has been helpful in my transition from being childless to having Kajsa.

Of course, I am excited to return home to family, friends, and the dogs. I can’t wait to work on Kajsa’s schedule more.. (ie.. afternoon nap, perhaps?). I can’t wait to show her off/introduce her to everyone. But I will never forget this time. And I already miss the people.

Ready or not, time to break out of the cocoon.

(p.s… Dawn, Andrew and Thea: Jordon says “Hello”..)




4 responses

9 07 2008


Thank you for taking us along with you on this fantastic and memorible adventure.
I have followed the 3 bloggers from this trip and have enjoyed everystep of the way in your posts and photos.
These 6 girls have been blessed by God.
But I have to believe that the parents have received the biggest blessing with the 6 bundles of joy you and we as family have taken into our heart the past 3 weeks.

I hope there is more coming from your blog.
By being an uncle to the Robinson family, this fairy tale will continue for us.

You are not the only lucky ones, we as relatives get to enjoy a piece of this love also.

Thank you again for the hard and dedicated work on your blog.

God bless and welcome home.

Richard B.

9 07 2008
Dawn B

It is a weird transition, isn’t it? Just when you start to feel really comfortable, it’s time to go home. And home . . .well it won’t ever be the same. It will be wonderful because of that amazing little person (with a very BIG spirit) you are bringing home, but very different still.
Know that we will continue to pray for you in the days ahead–the flight home, settling in, the just-different-enough-to-be-awkward boundaries that newly adopted babies need when meeting everyone at church, etc.
Again, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Your pictures are so great. I keep saying, ” Oh, I wanted to have a picture of this!” Thanks so much for getting a picture of Jordan. We became so fond of him when we were there. Not to mention that breakfast buffet. Sigh.
blessings to you,
Dawn B

11 07 2008
sean & kim

Hope you guys had fun in Hong Kong and had a safe trip back. It was great being able the spend the most enjoyable event of our lives with you guys.

12 07 2008
Dawn B

Still thinking and praying for you as you journey home!
Dawn, Andrew & Thea

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