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14 07 2008

We arrived home safely, though a couple hours late, on Friday night, 9 pm. It’s amazing we made it home when we did, because we almost missed two flights. We made both connecting flights (San Fran-Chicago/Chicago-Madison) thanks to both those flights being delayed. Close calls!

Once we were on the flights, things went mostly well. People were so patient and happy for us and Kajsa, and eager to hear about her. Sleep was an issue at times. Fortunately there was an empty galley behind us on the long flight. We used that frequently. And Cheerios and noodles were our friends on the whole trip.

We are still exhausted, but loving being with Kajsa. And family. And friends. And the dogs… Abby was here when we got home on Friday, Entropy came “home” today, for a bit, until he moves to Alaska. 😦 Can’t talk about that right now.

Jim’s parents and Karen, Dave, and Laura met us at the Madison airport. What a fun welcoming party! The Hinz clan had made signs…adorable. Kajsa, by this point, was used to being the center of attention from the moment we entered the Hong Kong airport. So she loved this “crowd”, watching her, talking to her, taking pictures of her.. and she happily obliged them by waving, smiling, laughing.. even through her pure exhaustion!

We came home to a fully-stocked fridge and pantry, thanks to good friends and family. Joan and Dan had stocked up on some essentials, Jen & Roy, Sandie & Co., and Chenrui had stocked us with plenty of essentials, and Karen and Dave and Laura brought some essentials to the airport as well: lotus buns!

Joan and Dan had lotus buns specially ordered for Kajsa (from a bakery in MN); Chenrui had made steamed buns; and the Hinz’ brought us two packs of frozen lotus buns! This baby has been well-stocked, and very happy with the continual supply of her favorite food so far.

She is also thrilled with the endless audience she has had. Family and friends have been here much of yesterday and today, and it has been both helpful and fun. Kajsa hams it up, sings, waves, eats lotus buns, laughs, plays… and overall loves people.

And, also important, she and the dogs are getting along well now. Friday night was iffy. She was quite afraid of Abby, but now she loves to pet her, look for her, and treats Entropy the same way.

All in all, things are going well. We’re needing a bit more sleep, as Kajsa’s sleep patterns are still not great. But, hopefully that will change. Hopefully.



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14 07 2008
Nancy Hansen

Hi All Three of You
Glad to hear you are home and safe and sound. Chinese people don’t have a lot of exposure to dogs so it isn’t surprising that your little girl was afraid. Some of the older Chinese friends are afraid of my Abby and she is much smaller. This will be a big adjustment but you are up to it. I know it is going to be hard when that big dog leaves, he will miss all of you too. Take care. Nancy Hansen

14 07 2008
Dawn B

Hooray–you’re home!
I trust you both have some family leave?
We continue to pray, especially about the “sleep thing.”
Dawn B

15 07 2008

Good morning! I was told about your story of adoption and your blog by a friend and I just have to say congratulations! What a beautiful little girl you have. 🙂

15 07 2008

Welcome home! Between vacation and computer repairs, I didn’t get to read your story until last Friday, after which we went to Chicago to celebrate Ellie’s 2lst birthday. We just got back last night! I hope all is going well. Remember — at least for now, I’m home during the day. (Sometime in the next couple of years I may decide to get a part time job.) So, if you have one of those nights where nobody gets any sleep, and you’d like me to come over for a few hours the next day so you can get some rest, give me a call! Or if you all get the flu, and Kajsa gets well first (yeah, that’s happened to us – Mike and I were trying to keep track of the kids from the sofa bed in the living room while they tore the house apart!), and you need someone to take her to the park, the zoo, the children’s museum, etc… let me know – I’ll be there!
~Grandma at your service, Ruth

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