the Ling doll

16 07 2008

Back in June, women from church threw a baby shower for me (and Kajsa, in absentia.) It was so fun, meaningful, and Kajsa received some gorgeous gifts. I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not. If not, I should have. The generosity, the gifts, the love and outpouring of support moved me to tears.

Anyhow, one of the gifts Kajsa received was a “Ling Doll”, from Ann-Britt, Phil, Kristina, Anna and Brita. It’s a doll who speaks English and Chinese. When you press one of her hands, Ling speaks a phrase in English, then says the same phrase in Chinese. It’s fun. I am learning some phrases.

On Saturday when we had lots of visitors, including some of Kajsa’s cousins, we played with the Ling Doll. It was so funny to watch Kajsa. She didn’t know quite what to think. She was in the middle of laughing, soaking in the attention from everyone… then Kristina (cousin Kristina) squeezed Ling’s hand, and Ling spoke.. Kajsa nearly got whiplash, turning her neck so quickly to stare at the doll to see what she was saying. This repeated for quite some time, making us all–including Kajsa–laugh a ton.

She’s very fun.

Sleep is still not under control. I’d attribute it all to jet lag, time differences, etc… except that before we left China, Kajsa’s sleep patterns were changing–in other words, it’s hard to get her to sleep. Even though she’s exhausted, almost asleep, etc… she fights it. But we have progress.

Food: Kajsa loves to eat. She still loves her lotus buns, noodles, eggs and cheerios.. But now her menu has expanded to include Easy Mac ‘n Cheese, applesauce, pears, mashed potatoes, and instant grits. I haven’t weighed her, but am convinced she’s gaining weight. She’s no longer the teeny little peanut we first held two-and-a-half weeks ago. (Broder, she’s getting chubbier!)

We went to the Shorewood pool with Sandie & family the other day, and Kajsa loved it. She loves swimming. She loves people, even though she still hesitates to leave Jim and me. She adores the dogs, and last night when we tried to feed her some cooked diced carrots, she put each bite in her mouth, then let it slip out of her mouth into her hand–and promptly turned around to feed it to the dogs.

I love it. I love her. I love being home, though I miss China, and all the friends we made there. But it’s good to be home.




3 responses

16 07 2008

You are go blessed!
She loves people as her parents do!!
Isn’t it funny that the doll’s Ling and Kaijsa’s last name is also Ling – – – there are no coincidences; only God’s plans!!
The pics are great!!!!
Love to you all ~ Lyn

16 07 2008
Dawn B

What wonderful pics of Kajsa and Ling!
Sorry about the sleep thing. We hit a really rough patch with that too. Thea fought sleep like she had just watched a Freddy Krueger marathon. Know that it does get better. You try stuff and eventually something works. There’s LOTS of sleep advice out there for experimentation purposes.
We will keep praying.
It’s actually good that Kajsa doesn’t want to got to other people, but sticks to you two. Good bonding signs. 🙂
Dawn B

17 07 2008

I love these pictures and all the stories. Kajsa is so gorgeous and I just can’t wait to see her. She has already charmed us thoroughly!!!
Love you all so much! Leanne

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