and speaking of prayers,

19 07 2008

please pray for our friends the Lawrences. On Thursday, before we left for Chicago, Sandie called and told us that Dave had been diagnosed with cancer. It’s horrible, it sucks, it’s scary, the timing is about as bad as it gets. Dave’s already in Alaska, Sandie and the kids are leaving this community next week, and heading to Alaska the following week. It just sucks.

Hopefully it’s in the early stages. They find out more next week. But in the meantime, please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you….



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24 07 2008

Happy birthday dear Kajsa! Thank you for your blog Cathy, I read the posts about your adoption journey on Friday when I wanted a distraction from this news. It was comforting in a sense, I know that God answer prayers. My little girl is about the same age as Kajsa and they look so similar–the round head, the tiny fingers, the way they sit.

Thank you again!

7 08 2008

We will definitely keep Dave, Sandie, and the kids in our prayers! And Little E too of course. Is he on his way to Alaska yet? Miss you guys!

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