Chicago and cousins and friends, oh my!

19 07 2008

We went to Chicago on Thursday, for the memorial service of Jean Lambert (Jim’s Supervisor when he interned in Sweden). The service was good, what little I heard of it. Jim and Pete, another of Jean’s former seminary interns, read Scripture. I did hear that. And a couple of songs. But about half an hour into the service, I realized that Kajsa was going to be too talkative to sit in the service. That, and fighting sleep–thus also talkative and also screaming. And laughing. So, Jo Ann and I went to the back of North Park Church/outside/and downstairs… taking turns passing Kajsa back and forth while she fought off sleep. Downstairs, Kajsa only wanted to play with Doreen and Delen, the kids of friends of ours who flew in for Jean’s service.

After the service (and before and during), Kajsa met lots of people. She also met some cousins, aunts and uncles (on the Erickson side) on our jaunt to Chicago. Though she’s still a bit clingy with us, she’s also loving the “hanging out with people” aspect of our lives–good thing! And it helps that her cousins are so fun.

I was moved to tears by many things in the past several days. Jean’s service, seeing friends and family who have been supporting and praying for us for so long, etc. But after the service, one couple approached me and asked if this was the new baby from China. I said yes, and they said they don’t know me, but have been praying for us, and for Kajsa for quite some time. Oh? I said.. thank you.. who are you? They attend the church of a friend of mine, who has, in their words, been very faithful in praying for us and others facing tough situations.

Thank you. Thank you to those of you who have been praying, who continue to pray, who have already expressed your incredible support and happiness for us and for Kajsa. I told this couple that there have been many times in these past difficult years, when I have been unable to pray, and that it is helpful to know that others pray for us. It relieves the pressure of the guilt of not being able to pray, if that makes any sense.

Though Chicago was an exhausting trip, especially for Kajsa, it felt good and right to introduce her to many friends, family, and even strangers who we’ve never met.




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20 07 2008

“Where’s the diver?” will be Will’s first question when he sees this picture! We had so much fun meeting Kajsa the other day! She is such an adorable and funny little girl! Hannah is so pleased to have a girl cousin…now we need to get them in the matching dresses and get a picture of their big smiles. Between them, they have one full mouthful of teeth! Can’t wait for Robbie, Chris, and Bill to meet her. Rob was very jealous when he found out we met her this week 🙂

23 07 2008
Dawn Burnett

How wonderful that Kajsa’s gotten to meet so many family members and friends already. We continue to pray.
How’s the sleep?

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