Take me out to the Ballgame…

30 07 2008

even if it’s not Wrigley Field. Yesterday was Kajsa’s first baseball game. At Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers). I do love Miller Park, even though I’m more of a Cubs fan. I love the stadium, the family-friendly atmosphere, the sausage races… So, if one can’t be at Wrigley, the next best thing might be Miller Park. Anyhow, Kajsa mostly had a blast at the game. She was a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, but once she warmed up, she clapped. A lot.

Her Aunt Sue, Uncle Bill and cousins gave her this adorable pink Cubs outfit. I bought the shoes last week, but they’re too big. So we just left them on for a photo op. (she takes them off, even when they’re double-knotted.)



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30 07 2008

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30 07 2008

You forgot to mention CUBS WIN! Great picture of Kajsa clapping and having fun.

31 07 2008

Wow, she’s so adorable! Did she get her first taste of hot dog? (Would you believe that our little girl was given a similar outfit, just not with the Cubs! It came with a hat that she wouldn’t wear either.)

1 08 2008
Dawn Burnett

Just got caught up on my blog reading–wow! She’s doing great!
Isn’t it fun to show them new things? Wait until she can talk!

1 08 2008

I am so glad that you Blog, this is the only way I will probably ever see Kajsa. So keep on sending those beautiful photos of her. Cathy and Jim she is so beautiful, enjoy every moment (as I’m sure you will). Mom sends her love and also wishes the three of you much happiness.
With much love and blessings

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