Waaaay behind

25 08 2008

On everything. on blogging, organizing photos, work, home organization, writing letters and emails and making phone calls… blogging about subjects besides Kajsa… etc.

Kajsa’s sound of the week: pfooooffff.. something like that. She makes that sound very quietly. It’s her response to the question, “what does a dog say?” It’s supposed to be “woof”, I think… and actually, it makes a little sense. But funny, nonetheless.

On Friday I went to hang out with a neighbor’s cat for a bit–with Kajsa. Both the cat and Kajsa were perplexed and intrigued by the presence of the other being. The cat–Fido–ran around me… hid behind me, then snuck up behind Kajsa to better observe her. Kajsa screamed with delight, tried to pull the cat’s fur–unsuccessfully. Then Kajsa made her “pfooooffff” sound… I tried to teach her “meow”, but she insisted on “pfooooffff”.

Her favorite toys of the week: a couple of “lift-a-flap” books; a cloth Bible story book with tons of activities; her farm; the dogs; her stacking cups; her Fridge DJ radio; her taggies blanket…. and yesterday in the car: an egg carton (without the eggs). She opened and closed the egg carton as though it was a book, and was jabbering, or “reading” when the egg carton was opened

She’s SO close to crawling, but still, it’s not happening. oh well. Don’t worry! I know that crawling is important for brain development, reading skills, etc… actually, I’m not sure what the “etc” is.

But, you can put a kid on the floor to crawl… yet if she merely spins around on her butt, and scoots backwards… what are we going to do? Maybe she actually took me seriously when, upon returning from China I told her that she couldn’t crawl until our house is child-proof.

That could be awhile.

photo shoot, and progress report

14 08 2008

The other night I convinced Jim to help me with a project: getting a photo of the dogs and Kajsa. Ha. If my goal was a good photo of all three subjects, it was a great thought, poor execution. If my goal was simply some photos of the three subjects, then we were successful.

It was fun, anyhow. We went to the Memorial Union at UW, and saw lots of people, several dogs, and when the photo shoot was all done, we had Babcock Ice Cream. I love being there… all the people, the sailboats, the water, the sun going down, the colorful Union chairs, the ducks, the ice-cream. Kajsa met a new friend–a Korean toddler whose parents speak Chinese. The two girls were so cute, touching hands together, petting the dogs, squealing and laughing.

The second photo shows one of my favorite Kajsa looks: the furrowed eyebrows we first saw in her referral photos…. the puzzled look… so fun.

This week I’m back at work, while Jim is on family leave. I’ve enjoyed being back to work this week. As part of our soon-to-be new schedule, Jim and I will be taking turns at the office, so one of us is home with Kajsa, while the other one works. Clearly there will come a time when both of us need to be at a meeting, and so we are going to need child-care. But that’s a challenge for another day. In the meantime, we’re enjoying this schedule.

Kajsa’s sleep has been a little less consistent lately, so we’re working on that. She’s still not crawling, though scoots backwards pretty effectively. She loves standing, with our help, and is discovering that her feet can move while standing, too. The dogs are increasingly more patient with her squeals and pulling of their hair when they stand near her high-chair. Poor dogs. They are getting braver, though, standing closer and closer to her high-chair, when it’s meal-time. Maybe they’re getting deaf, because of her squealing.

This week Kajsa also has a new sound: it is quite close to “zha zha”… it seems to cover many objects, conversations, people… She utters “zha zha” when she’s playing with the stacking cups and is laughing… she says “zha zha” when she’s mad, when she wants something she can’t reach, when she’s jabbering away about something we have no idea about.. It’s fun to hear the new sounds, and wonder what they’re all about!

Wrigley Field

10 08 2008

Kajsa’s now been to two baseball games, both of them Cubs games. Last week we went to Wrigley Field, for her first Cubs game there, and had a great time. The sun was super hot for the first few innings, burning down right on us, but once we cooled down it was great.

It was great even when it was hot, but of course more enjoyable when we weren’t sweating bullets. I took her out for a walk in the stadium, to get in the shade a little bit, and get some cold water.

The Cubbies won. That is always a plus. And Kajsa’s enthusiasm for the game is a plus as well. She claps whenever she hears clapping (almost whenever, at least). And she still seems to confuse booing with the need to clap, so even when Houston scored and Cub fans booed, Kajsa clapped. Fortunately we had friendly fans near us, and fortunately she’s not a loud clapper yet.

Go, Cubs, Go!

more cousins

3 08 2008

Maddie and Erin have been visiting, and we’ve been busy doing all sorts of fun stuff: Farmer’s Market, National Mustard Day (in Mount Horeb),

eating ice-cream at home… eating ice-cream at the Memorial Union, walking down State Street, climbing in the Union big chair, listening to lots of fun songs, swimming at the Monona Pool, and other stuff. Fun, fun, fun…