photo shoot, and progress report

14 08 2008

The other night I convinced Jim to help me with a project: getting a photo of the dogs and Kajsa. Ha. If my goal was a good photo of all three subjects, it was a great thought, poor execution. If my goal was simply some photos of the three subjects, then we were successful.

It was fun, anyhow. We went to the Memorial Union at UW, and saw lots of people, several dogs, and when the photo shoot was all done, we had Babcock Ice Cream. I love being there… all the people, the sailboats, the water, the sun going down, the colorful Union chairs, the ducks, the ice-cream. Kajsa met a new friend–a Korean toddler whose parents speak Chinese. The two girls were so cute, touching hands together, petting the dogs, squealing and laughing.

The second photo shows one of my favorite Kajsa looks: the furrowed eyebrows we first saw in her referral photos…. the puzzled look… so fun.

This week I’m back at work, while Jim is on family leave. I’ve enjoyed being back to work this week. As part of our soon-to-be new schedule, Jim and I will be taking turns at the office, so one of us is home with Kajsa, while the other one works. Clearly there will come a time when both of us need to be at a meeting, and so we are going to need child-care. But that’s a challenge for another day. In the meantime, we’re enjoying this schedule.

Kajsa’s sleep has been a little less consistent lately, so we’re working on that. She’s still not crawling, though scoots backwards pretty effectively. She loves standing, with our help, and is discovering that her feet can move while standing, too. The dogs are increasingly more patient with her squeals and pulling of their hair when they stand near her high-chair. Poor dogs. They are getting braver, though, standing closer and closer to her high-chair, when it’s meal-time. Maybe they’re getting deaf, because of her squealing.

This week Kajsa also has a new sound: it is quite close to “zha zha”… it seems to cover many objects, conversations, people… She utters “zha zha” when she’s playing with the stacking cups and is laughing… she says “zha zha” when she’s mad, when she wants something she can’t reach, when she’s jabbering away about something we have no idea about.. It’s fun to hear the new sounds, and wonder what they’re all about!




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14 08 2008

I thought she was as cute as possible when I left Madison 3 weeks ago, but I guess that I was wrong, because she is even more darling now. We miss you guys, terribly. Kisses, hugs and pats all around.

14 08 2008

Hey guys. I love the Abby blog. Pure genius!! I might steal that idea. Looks like all is going well. What a cutie pie. Tell Kajsa hello from us

Sean, Kim & Anna

19 08 2008

Oh Cathy…Kajsa is beautiful. I love her precious little face. I wish I could hold her. that pic of her is adorable. Give her some kisses for me. Hope you are all doing well…keep smiling. luv u. cb

22 08 2008

WELL… i haven’t been by for quite a long while and so I drop in and SURPRISE!!!! Cathy and Jim have a baby!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS! and may our Lord, the Lord of Life, richly bless you all!

22 08 2008
Kristina and Anna

We can’t wait to meet her and see you 2!!!!! I’m so glad work is not getting in the way too much :). For one of my nephews, “ba” and “baba” meant a hundred things from ball and bottle to grandpa. For Anna, “ma” meant me, “I want that”, “I’m frustrated”, … and was used for emphasis, like a verbal exclamation point. It’s so fun to watch their language and communication skills expand, says the speech pathologist. Enjoy and give her a smootch from us. love, kk and anna

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