Waaaay behind

25 08 2008

On everything. on blogging, organizing photos, work, home organization, writing letters and emails and making phone calls… blogging about subjects besides Kajsa… etc.

Kajsa’s sound of the week: pfooooffff.. something like that. She makes that sound very quietly. It’s her response to the question, “what does a dog say?” It’s supposed to be “woof”, I think… and actually, it makes a little sense. But funny, nonetheless.

On Friday I went to hang out with a neighbor’s cat for a bit–with Kajsa. Both the cat and Kajsa were perplexed and intrigued by the presence of the other being. The cat–Fido–ran around me… hid behind me, then snuck up behind Kajsa to better observe her. Kajsa screamed with delight, tried to pull the cat’s fur–unsuccessfully. Then Kajsa made her “pfooooffff” sound… I tried to teach her “meow”, but she insisted on “pfooooffff”.

Her favorite toys of the week: a couple of “lift-a-flap” books; a cloth Bible story book with tons of activities; her farm; the dogs; her stacking cups; her Fridge DJ radio; her taggies blanket…. and yesterday in the car: an egg carton (without the eggs). She opened and closed the egg carton as though it was a book, and was jabbering, or “reading” when the egg carton was opened

She’s SO close to crawling, but still, it’s not happening. oh well. Don’t worry! I know that crawling is important for brain development, reading skills, etc… actually, I’m not sure what the “etc” is.

But, you can put a kid on the floor to crawl… yet if she merely spins around on her butt, and scoots backwards… what are we going to do? Maybe she actually took me seriously when, upon returning from China I told her that she couldn’t crawl until our house is child-proof.

That could be awhile.




4 responses

26 08 2008

One day at a time! Cleaning can wait. Organizing can wait. But sharing can’t!
Keep up the blogging even if it is once a week. We really enjoy hearing from you.
Love to all~
Lyn, Hal, Brad, T and Dusty

26 08 2008

she has a wonderful wonderful smile! : )

26 08 2008

You probably will live forever since it will take you that long to catch up. By the way – did you here about the butcher who backed into his meat grinder? he got a little behind in his work…

26 08 2008

Pigs in Sweden say “noff, noff,” which rhymes with “uff” as in Uff Da.

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