life lessons through Kajsa

19 09 2008

Don’t throw boxes in the recycling just yet… they come in handy as a toy.

Dogs and kids make good paper shredders.   (don’t worry!! I don’t let Kajsa do this much. Abby, on the other hand, has been a faithful junk-mail-shredder for years.)

Now that Kajsa crawls, only leave water in the dogs’ bowls when the dogs are ready to drink. Otherwise we have to frequently change the Kajsa’s clothes and clean up the floor.

When you find a manilla envelope full of old, no-longer-necessary receipts, set it aside. Kajsa will find it and sort through it for you.

When there are no hockey sticks (or softball bats), a paintbrush will do.

And, when friends visit… convince them to feed you. Even when the dogs complain.

It’s over.

5 09 2008

No, I’m not referring to the Chicago Cubs’ fantastic 2008 season, although that, too, could be over now. Hopefully not, but their past 5 games have not been good. (translation= they lost. Five in a row. I’m in mourning, and have made it through the first stage of grief: denial.)

In this post’s title, I’m referring to our freedom at home. The freedom to plop Kajsa down on a blanket, in any corner of the house where she cannot reach outlets, small pieces of whatever might be on the floor, pull things off of shelves, or open drawers… that freedom is now over. Kajsa has begun to crawl.

Time to locate the outlet covers, to vacuum everyday, to pick up the clutter that we have been privileged to leave around the house up to now. Time to organize the house. Which I’ve needed to do for ages. Now we have to.

Kajsa’s crawling is pretty funny, though. She uses her right knee to crawl, and mostly her left leg and foot to push herself forward. Sometimes she uses her left knee, but mostly her foot. In the first picture posted here, you can barely see how her left leg is bent, but up… that’s how she crawls, mostly. But we keep working on having her put weight on her left knee.

I can’t say that the dogs are too thrilled she’s more mobile, now, but oh well. They’ve already knocked her down a couple of times, stepped on her, stepped over her…. all by accident, mind you.

The good thing about that is that Kajsa is pretty much unphased by the dogs. She loves them, she squeals for them, at them… but when they walk past her or over her, it’s all normal.

So goes life these days….Back to child-proofing the house.

MN, part 2

2 09 2008

with Grandma Erickson

with Grandpa Erickson

at Al’s Breakfast (Dinkytown, Minneapolis). Perhaps Jim and Cathy’s favorite restaurant in the world. Mmm Mmm good… and the staff behind the counter are great fun.


2 09 2008

Last week we took a quick trip to Minnesota, to visit Jim’s parents and introduce Kajsa to more family, friends, and the Minnesota State Fair. She had a blast, of course. Loved meeting people… loved the State Fair. Though sadly, she was asleep when Jim and I got our Sundaes from the Dairy Barn, so she never got to taste that.

Here are some pictures, then I’ll post more in another post.