2 09 2008

Last week we took a quick trip to Minnesota, to visit Jim’s parents and introduce Kajsa to more family, friends, and the Minnesota State Fair. She had a blast, of course. Loved meeting people… loved the State Fair. Though sadly, she was asleep when Jim and I got our Sundaes from the Dairy Barn, so she never got to taste that.

Here are some pictures, then I’ll post more in another post.



4 responses

2 09 2008

Kajsa is just too cute! What a great smile! Can’t wait to meet her and you sometime soon! Fiona

2 09 2008

seeing pictures of you guys just makes me cry. I miss you all so much. Kajsa is darling! Don’t let her forget her auntie Sandie. Did you have cheese curds for me?

3 09 2008

Cathy – your hair is sooooooooooo long! Looks really great. Now is the time for you to teach Jim how to take closeups! Your pic of Jim and Kajsa is great! The one of you and Kajsa is good, but it should be more of a close up.
These pics are great and thanks so much for sharing!.
Love to you all~ Lyn

6 09 2008

Hey Cath…just checking in on you guys. Have to get my Kajsa fix. I enjoy looking at your pics of her and yes you, Jim and the dogs too! Your blogs are really good too. You are a great writer…when is the book coming out. You are all just so happy. You can cleary see that…that makes me happy 🙂 PC you and PJ look great and yes your hair got long. I really miss you and just want you to know how truly happy I am for you for you all. Kajsa’s smile and pics of her just radiate joy and an essence of love. There is “HOPE” and it just lets me know I have to keep trusting in God no matter what my circumstances and how difficult life is. Keep smilin’ kids 😉 love ya, CB

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