MN, part 2

2 09 2008

with Grandma Erickson

with Grandpa Erickson

at Al’s Breakfast (Dinkytown, Minneapolis). Perhaps Jim and Cathy’s favorite restaurant in the world. Mmm Mmm good… and the staff behind the counter are great fun.



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2 09 2008

Hi Cathy,

Great pictures! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kajsa wearing the same outfit twice! She’s the best dressed kid in town. 🙂 I hope you are all doing well.


3 09 2008

Former Gopher Jim Peterson took Chris Mullin to Al’s when they were teammates at Golden State. I got their autographs after they dined on an early Saturday morning.

3 09 2008

Kajsa w/ Grandpa Erickson brings back memories!
There were times when Brad and PopPop (my dad) would babysit Tarryn while we went to a meeting or out to eat.
We’d come home to find Brad and PopPop laying on either side of our bed and T would be wide awake playing in the middle!
Love to you all! Lyn

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