life lessons through Kajsa

19 09 2008

Don’t throw boxes in the recycling just yet… they come in handy as a toy.

Dogs and kids make good paper shredders.   (don’t worry!! I don’t let Kajsa do this much. Abby, on the other hand, has been a faithful junk-mail-shredder for years.)

Now that Kajsa crawls, only leave water in the dogs’ bowls when the dogs are ready to drink. Otherwise we have to frequently change the Kajsa’s clothes and clean up the floor.

When you find a manilla envelope full of old, no-longer-necessary receipts, set it aside. Kajsa will find it and sort through it for you.

When there are no hockey sticks (or softball bats), a paintbrush will do.

And, when friends visit… convince them to feed you. Even when the dogs complain.